The True Role of Insurance Companies

The insurance industry faces an image challenge. Plaintiff attorney highway billboards and websites routinely disparage insurance companies as fat, greedy and collusive. One plaintiff law firm website declares that “at the end of the day, the liars, cheats and the frauds are the insurance companies, their fake doctors, and lawyers who sold their souls to … Read more

Best IaaS provider of 2024

A cloud symbol imposed over a bank of servers in a data center.

We list the best IaaS providers, to make it simple and easy to outsource your IT platform and network to a cheaper third-party. Best IaaS provider of 2024: quick menu In the internet’s early days, it was much more difficult to build your own web service. You had to buy and maintain your own servers … Read more

Dave Myers obituary | Entertainment TV

Long before Dave Myers, one half of the TV duo the Hairy Bikers, was hairy, or a biker, he was a cook. While still a child, he prepared family meals when his mother, a former shipyard crane driver, became so debilitated by multiple sclerosis she was scarcely able to leave her bed. “Dad and I … Read more

A Catastrophe of a Catastrophe Bill

On January 12, Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) introduced a bill, the “Incorporating National Support for Unprecedented Risks and Emergencies (INSURE) Act.” The stated goal of the bill is to “stabilize the home insurance market while ensuring vulnerable communities are not excluded from coverage.” The bill would achieve this by creating a “federal catastrophic reinsurance program … Read more

This man could be about to make MDMA legal for therapy. Are we ready for it? | Life and style

Commanding the stage in an all-white suit and looking like a Graham Greene character or a televangelist, Rick Doblin, an unlikely guru months shy of his 70th birthday, welcomed a roaring crowd to “the psychedelic twenties”. Doblin is the founder and president of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (Maps), which sponsored last summer’s Psychedelic … Read more

10 Things that May (or May Not) Happen with the Insurance Industry in 2024

This post is part of a series sponsored by AgentSync. AgentSync’s partially humorous take on industry prognostication It wouldn’t be December without a new crop of industry prophecies for the coming year, now would it? While we appreciate the effort that each company, analyst, and thought leader puts into crafting their 2024 insurance industry forecast, … Read more

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