Sunday with Shirley Manson: ‘I impersonate my mother by making a chicken dinner’ | Sunday with…

[ad_1] Sundays growing up? We’d go to Saint Bernard’s in Edinburgh, which had beautiful blue velvet carpets and wooden pews. Upstairs there were little wooden gates, which I found fascinating, but church was boring and dull. I’m not a believer. I like a fun Sunday as opposed to a boring one. Sunday achievement? I’ve got … Read more

Lyme Regis: a real taste of the Dorset coast with an exciting new food scene | Travel

[ad_1] Lyme Regis’s charms have always been resolutely genteel and old-fashioned, from its sedate regency seafront to its fondness for fossil shops and all things antique and literary. It is a seaside town that has never felt the need to play to the hipster crowd, thanks partly to such distinguished and familiar history: home to … Read more

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