Why do so many women spend more time with pets than people? Where do I start? | Emma Beddington

‘The average woman with a pet now spends more time ‘actively engaged’ with her pet than she spends hanging out face-to-face with fellow humans on any given day,” I read in the Atlantic. It was a dissection of the “crisis in social fitness”, alternatively known as “why we’re all destined to die alone, our faces … Read more

Design news: menopause pottery, the water crisis and the team behind Amazon’s smile | Design

This month’s news covers water, light and the need to make and mend. There are stories on everything from Amazon’s Smile to celebrating the menopause with ceramics. For more features and articles like this, sign up to our monthly Design Review newsletter. Max Hooper Schneider’s Exurbia paludarium, 2023. Photograph: Paul Salveson/Courtesy Maureen Paley, London Head … Read more

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